1. Can I purchase GALOTAS packages with confidence?

    Yes. Your credit card details & information are transmitted directly to a trusted payment gateway approved by Central Bank (Bank Negara Malaysia). We do NOT keep your information on our servers or anywhere else.

  2. What happens after I purchase?

    Within a few minutes, you will receive an email confirmation that your transaction has been completed. You are required to print out the voucher for redemption at the ticket counter.

  3. When can I use my voucher after purchase?

    Vouchers can only be redeem after 48 hours and valid for 30 days from date of purchase.

  4. Why does my GALOTAS voucher take within 48 hours to activate?

    We need this time frame to make necessary arrangements to confirm your payment status with the providers to ensure a very warm welcome for you.

  5. What if I photocopy my GALOTAS voucher and circulate it?

    Each and every GALOTAS voucher has a unique serial number. Once that number has been used to redeem, it will not be valid anymore.

  6. Can I make multiple purchases?

    Yes you can. Just add the selected tickets to your cart. Proceed to check-out for payment when finished.

  7. What do I do when I forgot my login password?

    Don’t worry. Just simply click on the “forgot password?” link & an email will be sent to you to reset your password.

  8. I have entered a correct password but it still say “Email and password do not match”. What do I do?

    Please make sure you have entered your login name and password correctly.

  9. What if I have bought the tickets but did not use them?

    It will be stated as “No Show” in our system after the 30 days period is over and there will be NO refund.

  10. I am receiving a message that my credit card/information is invalid.

    You should contact your bank immediately.